RIP, Neil Armstrong

We just lost one of the great ones.

Neil Armstrong had been treated recently for coronary blockages, but he passed away earlier today at the age of 82. What a legacy to leave behind. Not just “Spam in a can”, but an Eagle Scout, a Purdue engineer, a Korean War vet, a test pilot including the X-15, and above all, this:

One of the funny scenes in the documentary “Magnificent Desolation” is where Tom Hanks asks some kids who was the first man to walk on the moon, and one of them answers, “Lance Armstrong?” Close but no cigar. How we treat astronauts has changed so much over the years. Forty years ago, probably every kid could name Neil, Buzz, the Mercury Seven. Do any kids follow space like that now? For that matter, can many adults outside NASA name an astronaut or two?

I bet they still remember Neil. Godspeed, sir.

8 thoughts on “RIP, Neil Armstrong”

  1. Good luck Mr. Gorsky. I wonder if Mr. Armstrong was a fly fisherman? If so, I will think of him, Ted Williams and Capt. LeFon casting flies into the sun dappled pool with a rising hatch of mayflies. Men such as those deserve at least that for eternity.

  2. Yes, it has changed. When he walked on the moon, I had to get myself up and make sure I didn’t wake anyone else up. But I did get up and I did watch him to it. I don’t regret that at all.

  3. Did you see that NBC news reported the death of “Astronaut Neal Young”? It’s not just the kids, anymore.

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