Another Mass Shooting

No, not the Empire State Building tragedy, which was a deliberate murder that turned “mass shooting” when New York City Police fired a hail of bullets at the suspect, only half of which hit the perp,  the other half hitting nine bystanders.

Nope, once again I am talking about the mass shooting that will never make it past page 3.  Perhaps because it cannot be attributed to White Supremacists, the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, or Sarah Palin.  And because it occurred once again in the Windy City, which has the most draconian gun laws in the nation, and where the law-abiding populace is all but helpless against marauding gangs of drug dealers and violent thugs who roam the streets and projects at will.  Neither of those facts advance the mainstream media’s (or Obama/Holder’s) gun confiscation and demonization agendas.

Nineteen people shot overnight.  Thirteen of them in a half-hour span Friday evening.  In a place where legal firearm ownership is non-existent.   Not a peep out of Rahm Emanuel about any of it.

The crescendo of shootings in Chicago stands as absolute and incontrovertible proof of the absolute bankruptcy of the Gun-Grabber Left.    Obama.  Holder.  Schumer.  Emanuel.  Clinton.  Boxer.  Berwick.  Feinstein.  Reid.  Pelosi.  Lautenberg. Durbin.   And Emanuel.

Make them all bring themselves and their loved ones into Chicago (or Stockton CA), sans their massive and taxpayer-funded security apparatus, and walk the streets of the projects every Friday and Saturday night for a year.    No suits, not limos.  Defenseless.  Like they wish to make us.   Let’s see if Obama is willing to bet Sasha and Malia’s lives on the effectiveness of gun control to keep him safe.

Of course, that presumes that the disarming of the electorate really has anything whatsoever to do with safety.


UPDATE:   The original article  did not mention that, of the 19 people shot in Chicago over those 24 hours, six were killed.   

Please take all my sentiments regarding the Gun-Grabber Left, the complicit mainstream media, and the utter and hypocritical failure of gun control efforts in Chicago, and treble them.

5 thoughts on “Another Mass Shooting”

  1. Hey, as long as it doesn’t happen in the nice neighborhoods….

    Sadly, there ARE a lot of neighborhoods in Chicago where it is just accepted that this is the way of things.

  2. As a Chicago resident, this is sadly the accepted state of affairs in this city. Rahmbo wants to spend money on “urban camping,” 100 miles of bike lanes and other nonsense.

  3. I especially appreciate (not in the good way), the fact that most of the wounded at the Empire State Building incident were “friendly fire”, all or in part. Someone needs more time at the range. Appreciate also pointing out the crime that exists in Stockton, CA. I’m from Austin, TX. and “long transienting” 14 miles from Sacramento, and the level of violence in Stockton is truly appalling and largely not mentioned except in local news.

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