3 U.S. Marines shot in Mexico

This from CNN.  They were on a diplomatic mission, and not on liberty in TJ.

Shot at from a Federales vehicle.    Having been shot at by Iraqi “police” on more than one occasion, and considering the “green on blue” killings of US servicemen in AFG,  this is even more indication that things in Mexico are deteriorating.

One has to wonder if any of the weapons used were out of our Attorney General’s felonious Fast and Furious escapade to make the case for gun confiscation on this side of the border.   And whether the perps will wind up as illegal aliens in some sanctuary city run by bleeding heart imbeciles, and kill Americans in our own country.   I am sure they would just be looking for a better life.

Wonder, also,  if good Colonel Benson would at SWJ would write a wargame using THAT as a scenario.  Probably not.   It would be found offensive by our political and military leadership, for sure.

2 thoughts on “3 U.S. Marines shot in Mexico”

  1. If they were shot at from a police vehicle, then the weapons were probably Mexican gov’t issue, purchased from Colt’s via the US gov’t.

  2. I see that most of the successful drug raids in Mexico are made by either Mexican Sailors or Marines, as the Navy and the Marines are the only ones not overrun with corruption.

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