General Dempsey's "Disappointment" with Free Speech

Disappointment.  That is a very good word to use.  Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey applied it recently.  It seems the General, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the senior Officer in our Armed Forces, is “disappointed” that former service members have strongly expressed opinions regarding the conduct of Administration officials, including the President.

“If someone uses the uniform, whatever uniform, for partisan politics, I am disappointed because I think it does erode that bond of trust we have with the American people,” Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said in an interview with Fox News while flying back from a trip to Afghanistan and Iraq.  “Is it useful? No, it’s not useful. It’s not useful to me.”

He further commented:

“People don’t want us to be another special interest group.”

Those are curious words coming from General Dempsey.  For several reasons.  The events of the last three-plus years, including the words and actions of senior Officers in the Armed Forces, have put paid to the idea of a non-political military.  The incessant pushing of “diversity” and identity politics, the immediate and unconditional collapsing to the desires of special interest groups, public proclamations of personally-held beliefs as directive moral standards, all have eroded the concept of detached and apolitical military leadership.

  •  The massacre at Fort Hood, perpetrated by a known radical Muslim jihadist whom the US Army managed to promote to field grade (for fear of not doing so?) who shouted “Allahu Akbar!” time and again as he murdered 13 and wounded 45, was followed immediately by the statement from Army Chief of Staff Casey that it would be tragic if “diversity was a casualty” of the murders.
  • Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen offering his unsolicited personal views, and then declaring anyone in disagreement to lack “integrity”.  Followed by his severe criticism for LtGen Mixon for encouraging Soldiers to express their own opinions, albeit privately, to their elected officials, which is their right to do.  Further assertion was that anyone who disagreed with the policy should “vote with their feet” and leave the service.
  • General Stanley McChrystal’s revelation as to which political candidate he voted for in 2008, among comments that led to his relief, went largely uncriticized, though the impropriety of such a remark was serious enough to elicit comment, and likely would have, had his political choice been otherwise.
  • The recent active push for women in the infantry, pushed, as Marine Captain Kate Petronio so accurately observed, not because of any remote belief that such a policy will increase war fighting capability, but is instead “being pushed by several groups, one of which is a small committee of civilians appointed by the Secretary of Defense called the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Service (DACOWITS)”.    Political special interests, nothing more, to which the senior leadership has largely answered “three bags full”.
  • The recent appearance of uniformed military personnel at Gay Pride parades was authorized and encouraged by the Office of Secretary of Defense, with the preposterous (that is to say, knowingly untrue) assertions that the Gay Pride parade was not a political event, and the exception would somehow be “one time only”.    DASD Bardorf’s statements are an out-and-out fabrication and are in direct violation of the DoD Directive on the wearing of the uniform (1334.1).

Now, we have General Martin Dempsey expressing his “disappointment” with a group of Veterans who have served their country honorably and with distinction, exercising their First Amendment rights through views of political opposition.

Perhaps General Dempsey can show us the legal precedent which limits the First Amendment rights of Veterans once they have left the Armed Forces to expressing only those views and opinions and those occasions that General Dempsey finds “useful”.

While he is at it, he can provide the citation in the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or ANY Federal statute in US Code, that prohibits Veterans from entering and participating in the political process.

The exercising of the rights safeguarded by our Constitution should NEVER, EVER be a cause for criticism from an active duty service member, let alone the senior Officer in our Armed Forces, who has done so in his official capacity, in that very uniform he calls so strongly to be “apolitical”.

That Constitution is the very document and safeguard which Veterans have all sworn their lives to support and defend.  General Dempsey’s “disappointment” is nothing compared with the disappointment and disgust of many thousands who read his egregiously misguided comments.  He is also sworn to support and defend that Constitution, not to help load it into the shredder, starting with the Bill of Rights.

No, the Armed Forces should not be a special interest group.  But neither should they be willing toys of those special interest groups.  There is little chance that they will be the former, but abundant evidence that they have become the latter.  Senior Officers have been quite complicit in that.  You want to look somewhere to end the “politics in uniform”, General Dempsey?  Put your own house in order, and keep your mouth shut regarding Veterans exercising their First Amendment rights.

It is your job.  Get it done.  Or get gone.

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7 thoughts on “General Dempsey's "Disappointment" with Free Speech”

  1. You’re a lot more polite than I would have been. IMO, the good General can go fornicate himself.

  2. You stated it very well, but I’m with Mike D on this one.

    The only person I’m disappointed with in this mess is the Chairman.

  3. With Idiots like Mullen, Harvey and Dempsey among the stars, I have little hope for the military. IT would be nice if we could get one POTUS that would repair the social engineering damage done during the last 4 administrations. That’s prolly a bit much to hope for at this point.

  4. What’s needed is a POTUS and SECDEF who’ll disband the “boards” and kick out the “experts” who have never served a day in uniform, fire the PMC’s and listen to the rank and file.

  5. I am not surprised. Remember Demspey agreeing with SecDef Panetta that Congressional approval – per that pesky ol’ Constitution – was not required for our ops over Lybia? UN okayed it, so we’re good to go.

    I don’t trust ANY of our FOGOs.

  6. I must reiterate Gentlemen, that I am of the opinion that NO officer above the rank of O-6 can be identified as a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Airman.

    They give up claim to these honored titles the INSTANT they get pinned.

    Some exceptions exist, but are too few in number.

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