"I'm an ideas man, Chuck!"

Except lately.  Billy Blaze has it all over me this last week.  I got nuthin’.  It isn’t “writer’s block”, exactly, as if I could think of something to write about, I can figure out the vocabules.

More like “Thinker’s Block”.  There are some who would swear I have suffered that affliction for the vast majority of my 48 years.    So, another history piece?  Current events?  Analysis of political landscape?  I could go the Castle route and take pictures of the guns I own…  but nothing is particularly interesting, like John’s stuff.   No Maxim guns or rocket launchers.  Tough to use those on 0.40 acres.

I will think of something, I promise, Brad.   But I pulled a muscle in my head, and am listed as day-to-day.

Did I tell you I invented Handi-Wipes?  Only they already had ’em.

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