The Deciding Votes in the 2012 Election?

They are calling themselves “undocumented”, but they are law-breaking illegal aliens.  With Eric Holder’s attempted suppression of Voter Identification efforts, will they constitute the deciding votes in what promises to be a close election in 2012?  With every amnesty program proposed by President Obama, and every threat of litigation by the Justice Department against the states and municipalities for making and enforcing Voter ID measures that would preclude millions of illegals from walking into voting booths and swaying the political process in a country they don’t belong in, the chances of such occurring rise significantly.   Already better than half are a drain on a system they haven’t contributed a dime to.    Each dollar of the many BILLIONS they receive is a dollar that cannot go to a law-abiding citizen, a soldier’s salary, infrastructure repair, or paying down the exploding debt.  There is a path to legal citizenship.  But little incentive to follow it, if the political party currently in power wants your vote, however illegally, and promises you a lot of my money to get it.

This is supposed to be a nation of laws.  The most senior law enforcement officer in this country is making a mockery of those laws with the various schemes and scandals, including the felonious Fast and Furious, the Arizona lawsuits, refusal to prosecute minority offenders, contempt of Congress, the aforementioned suppression of Voter ID efforts, and the targeting of political opponents as national enemies.

Holder is right.  We are cowards when we discuss race.  We refuse to recognize the racial bigotry of Eric Holder, and Barack Obama, whose support Holder has unequivocally.    If we had that courage, the bus full of lawbreakers would be summarily detained and deported, welfare rolls would be scrubbed of illegals, Voter ID would become the law of the land, and those “sanctuary cities” would lose every dime of Federal assistance in any way, shape, or form.

Maybe I will start holding up convenience stores, and call myself an “undocumented money borrower”.   But then I will get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Because I am not among Holder’s “people”.  Oh, yeah, and felons can’t vote.  Because they broke the law, don’tcha know.

4 thoughts on “The Deciding Votes in the 2012 Election?”

  1. Someone tried to argue with me that disenfranchising felons was not only wrong, but racist, since 3 million minorities were imprisoned felons. When I pointed out that there were more than 3 million imprisoned white felons, he changed the subject.

  2. URR, you’d never get away with the undocumented money borrowing scheme. Your skin has a serious melatonin deficiency plus you were a Marine. That combo would see you socked away in the Supermax for quite awhile.

    1. That particular combination already has the government looking at him – and most other vets – as “undocumented kinetic political activists.” What’s a couple more labels?

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