Seems some folks in the Intel and Special Operations communities are a tad annoyed with President “I personally killed Osama Bin Laden with my own bare hands” Obama.


The White House and their toadies are, of course, claiming this is Swiftboat 2.o. Well, maybe if he hadn’t spiked the football so much, these folks wouldn’t be coming back to bite him.

2 thoughts on “OpSec”

  1. Operational Security is absolutely essential in today’s world. Personally, I did not like the attitude or the President’s pride in his operation. But this problem is not unique to either party, they both violate the principle consistently in both this and the former administrations. Things are done in a particular way for a particular reason and our politicians need to learn the lessons from this event. Both parties have the problem, they need to learn to JSFU!

  2. I didn’t mind Obama killing Bin Laden with his bare hands, but I did think field dressing him and driving him around DC strapped to the hood of the Presidential Limo was in bad taste.

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