Another cool pic

This one is of the Mighty Eagle, another lander test vehicle. I’m not sure of the difference between it and the Morpheus lander, but Mighty Eagle was designed and built by Marshall and the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Nice photo posted this morning of the vehicle with the engine test stands.

Also a video of last week’s test with both normal and infrared views.

4 thoughts on “Another cool pic”

  1. Roamy,
    I thought you might appreciate this:

    But my favorite quote which made me stop reading and post this here:
    “The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite “sensed” by slinging a Centaur rocket booster into the moon at 6,200 miles an hour. That’s why rocket scientists hand you an adamantium pelvic girdle when telling you they’re a sensitive lover. No matter which genders you both are.”

    Not making any judgments or anything here. Just saying… you go, girl!

  2. “I’m not sure of the difference between it and the Morpheus lander…”

    Well, for one, the former didn’t flip over, crash, and burn to cinders.

    (Why wouldn’t you kick a man while he’s down? It’s so much harder otherwise.)

    1. I was wondering why there were two different “green” lander designs going on at the same time. It’s not like we’re rolling in extra money to double up on projects. I’m working with a small company on new solar cell technology, and I’m really hoping they are not another Solyndra. I’ll know by Sept. 30th.

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