Open Thread

I’m gonna be busy most of the day, so unless the cobs have something, here’s your chance to just talk about whatever you want. Kittens, politics, the price of tea in China, Load HEAT suggestions, guns, and mocking the Air Force are all good topics.

Here’s a puppy.

17 thoughts on “Open Thread”

  1. I’ll start. We can and should make fun of and mock the Air Force, but, in my experience, they have more better looking women than all the other services combined. During my 10 month vacation to Okinawa, every time I went to Kadena I ALWAYS saw good looking uniformed female Air Force personnel. ALWAYS.

    1. Go ahead. Pick on the USAF, We can take it ’cause we know y’all are just jealous!

      My first OIC (1957) was a female major. About 5′-6″, and I mean BUILT!. Woman’s uniforms were all tailored and tight. I think her heels were at least an inch taller than reg. A young airman’s dream. Probably a lot of ossifers, too.

  2. Interestingly, I know an AFA Cadet. He told me the wild fires were burning toward the Academy this summer and evacuation was considered. There has to be a joke in there somewhere, but I can’t find it.

  3. Fire bad. Friends lost their home in the Taylor Bridge Fire in WA state Monday. No Air Force involvement has been determined, yet.

    1. My boss was flying into John Wayne about 6 years ago, and could see fire encroaching on his house. The f/f’s saved it, but for a bit, he didn’t know if he was going to go home, or to a pile of ash.

  4. My wife bought that same halloween costume for our dog. Her dog, actually – I refused to allow something like that on -my- dog.

    Reminds me, though – I need to get the costumes lined up this year. I’m thinking about the Vader and Leia costumes from …

    1. Our Henry (see photo up to right) would never wear that costume, but has been seen in his Redskins jersey or with a flowing cape and crown (he IS a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, after all) on Halloween.

  5. I would talk about politics, but I’d probably get mad enough to kill kittens while my pricey Chinese Tea got cold because I know that Obama wants to take my guns (and he also hates Load Heat) and makes a mockery of the Air Force (although he doesn’t need much help as the AF does most of his work for him).

    ExAFCrewDog, my father was AF and I grew up around AFBs. It used to be reasonable facsimile of a military service. That started ending before my father retired in ’71. He got out in disgust.

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