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  1. Your picture brings back many memories, many years ago, like 50 years ago we had an event at our house. I was a young teenager and we had a rather large German Shepherd. At that time, our house was in the country and somebody abandoned this dog. I really think he adopted us. There was just one thing, he did not bark. But, his growl would give you laundry issues. This one summer night the windows were open and the family was in their own beds. This dog was sneaky, he would sleep on the porch. This one night, somebody broke in to the porch to break into the house. I’m in bed, I hear this blood curdling growl from the front porch. I’m grabbing pants, my father was doing the same thing. My father turned to me and told me to stay back. What the man who broke in could not understand was this, sometimes the dog won’t let you out, this was such a case. The time was about 3 AM. My father turned on the porch light to see the dog had cornered this man in an outside corner. My father opened blue door to see the dog with his hackles raised and all of his teeth showing. The father said, “I’ll call the police in the morning, have a good night. By the way, the dog has not been fed, yet.” The man who broke in, pleaded with my father to call the police, NOW!” My father simply said, “If that is what you want, I’ll do it.” The police came, in fact, it was the Chief of the local department came as backup. The dog walked the man out to the police car and the Chief threw him a few dog biscuits. They got along just fine. This man was at the wrong place at the wrong time and needed a radical attitude adjustment. The dog was more than willing to assist him with this adjustment.

    This dog was well trained them wanted a house and family to live with. He was about a year old, when he adopted us. I think we were the fortunate ones. He lived with us until he died.

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