4 thoughts on “Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner”

  1. 94% OK! Cannon-cockers eat gunpowder, that’s why there are so many short rounds when supply doesn’t do their job….

  2. Lots of mammals eat their offspring. The trick is, for humans, anyway, to wait long enough to see if they are going to be a problem, but before they hit puberty and get all stringy and gamey.

  3. @David Navarre, “94% OK! Cannon-cockers eat gunpowder,…” I’m just a little confused. What happens when they backfire? Are we talking about unforgettable acid reflux or laundry issues? Hey, have a really great day!

    8 ^ )

    1. What happens when they backfire is indescribable. I had an XO whom one could smell UPWIND. I dunno how he did it. His “accelerator pad” were raisins.

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