Crowds in Cairo praise Morsi's army overhaul – Middle East – Al Jazeera English

The Egyptian president has ordered the powerful head of the army and defence minister, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, and several senior generals into retirement and canceled constitutional amendments issued by the military restricting presidential powers.

Mohamed Morsi announced through a spokesman on Sunday the dismissal of Tantawi and his appointment as a presidential adviser.

According to state television, Abdul-Fatah al-Sessi would replace Tantawi as defence minister and the general commander of the army.

via Crowds in Cairo praise Morsi’s army overhaul – Middle East – Al Jazeera English.

Not that the Army leadership wasn’t a corrupt bunch of buggers, but they at least served as a bulward against the Islamist faction that will now try to propel Egypt along the same lines as Iran.

I want to snark the Obama administration along the lines of “how’s that smart diplomacy working for you?” but honestly don’t know what good options any US administration would have.

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  1. Our best option was to get Mubarak to commit to resign after a reasonable period of time to allow political organizations other than the Muslim Brotherhood to form. I’m not sure what kind of assurances we could make that Mubarak would resign (IIRC he had promised to resign before, but reneged). One thing is certain, rushing the elections only benefited the Brotherhood.

  2. There are no easy answers, if there were, we would have done them. I don’t care who is POTUS. There are many people who want us to solve many of the problems of the Middle East, when we can’t solve the problems right here at home. The problems we have at home are National Security problems. Yes, we can NOT cut our way of this situation. We can not expect Social Security or Defense to make all of the sacrifices. If we are making tax cuts to industry to create jobs, GREAT, prove it! This money is not profit! No verifiable job creation, no tax cuts.

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