Ethical Reporting about Guns and Gun Control?

It’s like finding dry water, or a tall midget….

Suspended for plagiarism (and accused not for the first time), is CNN/Time Magazine’s Fareed Zakaria, the left/far left news “host” of CNN 360.

Seems he considers his most recent deliberate and flagrant breach of ethics a “terrible mistake”, as if he poured orange juice on his corn flakes.

But I am sure the rest of his reporting on the issue of restricting our Second Amendment rights can be trusted as honest, factual, and unbiased….     After all, he got “his” story from that icon of incisive policy analysis, The New Yorker Magazine.

Fareed appears to be the early favorite for the Dan Rather Award for Journalistic Integrity.

2 thoughts on “Ethical Reporting about Guns and Gun Control?”

  1. This man hates America, the American military and the government with a passion. He’s only around because his “journalism” fits the lefty narrative.

  2. I love in the comments people saying “oh let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, it was a mistake!” ‘Mistakenly plagarizing’ someone is like claiming you were innocently walking down the street and innocently fell inside someone else’s house and impregnated their wife. I’m SURE it’s all just an unfortunate series of co-winki-dinks that caused this to happen, right?

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