Mars funneh for the day

Nothing like a little nerd humor in the morning with ‏@SarcasticRover on Twitter.

The first rule of MARTIAN ROVER CLUB is you can talk about it as much as you want because we’re all alone and never going home.

“God of War” my left wheel! More like the “God of S**tty Dust and Rocks and My Despair!” LOL JK LOVE U NASA! please come get me!

I sent back 5MB of data to Earth today… it was an MP3 of “Bust a Move” by Young MC. LOL THEY HATE THAT SONG!

IN SPACE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM, but on Mars everyone can hear you sing along to your old STYX albums! DOMO ARIGATO.

Thanks for only giving me a single robotic arm! Now I can only sing one verse of the “HOKEY-POKEY”! AND IT’S THE WORST VERSE!

Mars has two moons… so I’m starting to regret being bitten by that werewolf at JPL

Left a girl back at home. Never told her how I felt. Probably too late now but… I love you Roomba. Goodbye

“Gale Crater”… sounds like the least popular girl in a Glee episode. Whatever.

Really wish I could get that heat shield back! It had a +6 Enhancement Bonus & -10% Arcane Spell Failure. HOPE MARS IS ORC FREE!

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