Dr. Helen » Should Men Open Doors for Women?

I have been pondering this question lately as I have noticed that it is mostly older men that open doors for women anymore. Younger men tend to go in first and let the door hit you as you walk through. Though I am a woman, I tend to hold the door if I get to it first and will hold it for men or women.

via Dr. Helen » Should Men Open Doors for Women?.

I was born in Virginia. Of course I open doors for women. And men. And kids. And especially the elderly or those carrying a burden.

And the very, very few times I’ve received a nasty response, I’ve just smiled and said “Have a nice day.”

Bitter people hate when you do that.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Helen » Should Men Open Doors for Women?”

  1. I open doors for everyone if I get to it first. The few times no one has opened a door for me have involved teen boys and *ahem* high maintenance women.

  2. From the time I was about nine years old onward, my mother would stop in front of every door and begin to look at me expectantly. I was conditioned to always open the door for a woman.

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