Bad kind of 'splodey

The Morpheus Lander is a test vehicle for landing cargo on the moon. It is powered by methane and oxygen and is equipped with automated landing and hazard avoidance technology. It had been through one series of tests including soft abort and tethered flight. Today was a free-flight test that went boom.

Update: better than the original video I linked.

Software problem, maybe?

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  1. “Results? Do not speak to me of results. I know several thousand things that do not work.”

  2. Roamy, I don’t know if you know Mike Seay or not, but he is an alumnus of Tenn Tech back in the days of the “Digital Lab,” which was a lab that originally had 4 Cromemco Z-2s. I met him, and a number of my buddies were classmates with him and he ended up in charge of the mico-Computers on the first space shuttle flight with Crippen and Young. As you’ll recall, the first launch was scrubbed because of a computer problem that Mike was in charge of solving. We watched what was to be the launch and one of us (it wasn’t me, but I think it was John Winters, who was a Prof over in Political Science) has the idea of sending a “Mail-Gram” ( a new thing back then) to Mike to tease and buck him up.

    The message was “The Problem is either in the hardware or the software.” The following night another guy called him and he said it made him laugh and relieved the stress he was under so he could sleep OK that night. The next day the flight launched with no problems.

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