We don’t post FOUO stuff here, but technically, it isn’t classified information. So why is NCIS asking Wired’s Danger Room about a FOUO document posted five years ago?

If I had to guess, I think one of the early commenters smoked* it. They’ve tied that leak to another, more sensitive one, and want to figure out who it was that leaked.


Did you hear Romney gave some poor guy’s wife cancer and killed her?

(Except that Romney wasn’t at Bain when the GST plant was closed, an Obama bundler was. And the guy’s wife still had her job and health insurance. But other than that, Romney totally gave the guy’s wife cancer).

Obama ate a dog.


For the ladies who don’t get very excited by Load HEAT, it’s Hunky Hump Day at the Hostages. Olympic goodness.


Egyptian security officials say military helicopters have fired missiles on suspected Islamist militants near the town of al-Arish in the Sinai peninsula.

The US has a an infantry battalion in the Sinai as part of the Multinational Force Observer mission under the Egyptian/Israeli peace accords. With the rise of militant activity in the peninsula, we certainly hope appropriate force protection measures are in place.



*I’m re-reading some of the Aubrey/Maturin novels. The language is simply wonderful.

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