Citizens United and the utter arrogance of Aaron Sorkin

Via Drew at the Mothership.


As Mr. Samples alludes, absent the ruling in Citizens United, HBO could find itself greatly restricted in its ability to air the  very program Sorkin writes.

And let’s not forget that CU was in fact, a three man operation that was attempting to release a documentary film about Hilary Clinton. In fact, they were prohibited from releasing it under McCain/Feingold. Such suppression of political speech was clearly an affront to the First Amendment. And had the Supreme Court not struck down such provisions, it would have been the proverbial “camel’s nose under the tent.” You can bet ever more flagrant suppression of political speech would have followed.

People bemoan the enormous sums of money in politics. But the remedy isn’t suppression of speech, but to remove the influence and power of politicians, making investment in candidates less remunerative. If buying a politician was a poor investment, you’d see a lot less money in politics.

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  1. I’ve only seen a few clips of that show and while I enjoy the concept, it tends to be incredibly biased and not be very concerned with historical accuracy. Interesting how 3 guys making a documentary is more of a corporation than HBO, CNN, MSNBC or anything involving Keith Olberman.

  2. You have to wonder about the sanity of everyone involved in this collection of… hell, I dont know what you could call IT politely. How screwed in the head do you have to be to make up your little `alternate reality` so you dont have to deal with the real world? Better plug your ears and hum real loud Girls, you aint gonna like how the “real world” manhandles your SCOAMF in a few months

    1. Simple; for them that is the real world, or that’s my theory. You can call it an echo-chamber effect (where everyone agrees with everyone else, without challenge), or as I do “the McGovern Effect,” from the lady who was quite surprised after Nixon’s massive win in 1972. “But everyone I knew voted for McGovern.” It never occurred to her there were other legitimate positions.

    2. Well said, Casey. I remember in the 90s, a friend was on travel and marveled that when he was in Morocco, not everyone was a policy wonk, like back in DC. Since I was working in IT, my world was a little wider, so I laughed at his comment.

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