Rules for Thee…

…but not for me!

The conditions of Obama’s 2009 GM bailout meant that UAW workers at Delphi (a subsidiary of GM) had their pensions fully funded by taxpayer dollars.  Those non-union?  They lost nearly all of theirs.   Twenty thousand of them.  We knew that.

To those who remember, this little bait-and-switch was the subject of testimony by a parade of Obama Administration officials (including Ron Bloom and Matthew Feldman), who blamed the decision entirely on the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC).

Seems that Congressional testimony was somewhat less than forthright.  Which is to say, deliberately misleading.  You know, perjury.  This morning, the Daily Caller tells of a number of e-mails that show the integral and decisive role the US Treasury Department played in the decision to take away the pensions of those not a part of Organized Labor, while funding with taxpayer money those that were.

I doubt that any repercussions will be felt by those whom, it would appear, deliberately misled Congress and the American people about the fate of their billions in tax money.    After all, the Attorney General has stated publicly that he will not pursue cases that demean “his people”.   Which apparently includes Organized Labor.    Just how much of that taxpayer fortune that went to the Union pensions will make its way back into the campaign coffers of Obama and the rest of the Democratic candidates?    (The Colombo Family has nothing on these guys.)

So, if you are union, you get yours.  Non-union?  Out of luck.   Sorry, that’s Treasury policy.   Can’t fight City Hall.

And WE are the ones who need “soul searching”?      Well, yes.   We need to decide if we want a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, or a government that overtly chooses winners and losers and turns its power against its political enemies like a South American dictatorship.