3 thoughts on “US Army Changing Bayonets For Tomahawks”

  1. I have one of those in my toolbox. The thing slung under the barrel is a fencing hammer. It has a hammer face on one side for pounding in fencing staples, a hatchet blade on the other for trimming limbs for fence repairs, and a crowbar at the end, for pulling staples.

    1. There actually ARE quite a number of tactical tomahawks available (beyond the cruise missile variant). And I’ve heard they’re fairly popular, being more useful than the “multi-purpose” M9 bayonet. But no, they don’t fit on the bayonet lug of an M4.


  2. You would think -if nothing else- the claim that handle can hold “two pounds of pressurized JP8 fuel” would be a huge tip-off.

    Some people are too stupid for words.

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