BLACKFIVE: Soldiers' Angels Soldiers On

Below is a message from the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Soldiers’ Angels. An organization that I also serve on the board of…Soldiers’ Angels has been wronged by Michael Yon who deletes opposing views on FB and web sites so please share this message from Ricky John. Send it far and wide.

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This is your must read of the day.  Read the post from SA and return.

Soldiers’ Angels is a fantastic organization, and it pains me deeply that I can’t afford to support it more.

As the post notes, Michael Yon was early on one of the few people covering the wars on Iraq and Afghanistan that didn’t seem to have a built in bias determined to show the American Soldier as a baby killer or heartless thug.

Sadly, over the years, more and more, the focus of Yon’s writing has become Yon himself. And Yon has showed a remarkable tendency to not play well with others. In the Army blogosphere, it’s no surprise that hardcore troops are quick to throw the bullshit flag against what they see as unjustified personal attacks.

I’ve no desire to get into a pissing contest with Yon (I sincerely doubt he even knows I exist), but I’ll just note that he’s been awfully quick to criticize, attack and vilify several bloggers, including several former soldiers, recently retired soldiers, and even active duty troops. His attacks on CJ Grisham were stunning, going so far as to contacting his chain of command and levying charges that could have career ending effects.

If we look at any one of these dustups in isolation, we might find that reasonable people could find fault on either side. But in the totality of the blogwars that Yon seems to revel in, you have to ask yourself, why is it that the only blogger Yon seems to think is even remotely worthy is Michael Yon? Time and again Yon has alienated former supporters, picked at scabs, laid charges with the flimsiest of evidence, and generally waged a personal attack on anyone who disagreed with him on even the most minor grounds.

In short, the totality of the evidence leads us to conclude that it is indeed Yon who is the asshole, and should be shunned. ‘Tis a shame so many of his ardent supporters fail to see this truth.

And for Yon to attack, repeatedly, an organization that exists solely to support the American Warrior with lies and distortions shows a stunning depravity of character.

Soldier on, Soldiers’ Angels.

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  1. I pass their offices daily when leaving work and am proud to see that sign as traffic permits (I-35 in that area is TERRIBLE at that time of day!). It’s a shame that Yon has attacked them. I’ve enjoyed some of his articles and insights in the past.

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