Sir John Keegan Dies at Age 78

We have lost a truly great one.  Military Historian and analyst Sir John Keegan, OBE, has died at the age of 78.

The Telegraph announced the death of this nonpareil author and military historian.    No serious student of the Profession of Arms should fail to read Keegan’s seminal work, The Face of Battle, nor many of his other numerous and superlative works, including The First World War, The Second World War, Six Armies at Normandy, and The Price of Admiralty.

Keegan’s genius in explaining the incomprehensible, warfare, at all its levels, was simply remarkable.  His was a once-in-a-century intellect, and he shall be missed.


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5 thoughts on “Sir John Keegan Dies at Age 78”

  1. Somewhere I have “The Price of Admiralty.” I had to get that one as Keegan was an Army type and I had to see what he had to say. Several of the others I’ve read, but don’t have. Everything of his that I read was thought provoking and a good read besides.

    We all have our day in the sun, and then we step into the clearing at the end of the trail. He will be missed.

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