UK Experts To Assist In Destruction of Saddam Hussein's Remaining Stores of Chemical Weapons


Yes, you read that correctly. Not even a hint of acknowledgement in this AP report that the question of Saddam Hussein’s chemical warfare stocks is something of a contentious point in US and world politics.

So, these chemical weapons will be destroyed, without anyone much bothering to note that they exist.

via Ace of Spades HQ.

These are not the droids you’re looking for…

4 thoughts on “UK Experts To Assist In Destruction of Saddam Hussein's Remaining Stores of Chemical Weapons”

  1. I read a little further into this and it seems that what is being described as “remaining stores” are leftovers from UN monitored destruction of the weapons after the Gulf War.

    I feel like the Yahoo! article referenced by Ace of Spades might be a little irresponsible in what it describes as a chemical weapon. But it’s not like I expect a lot from the media in getting technical details right…

  2. Yeah… not sure how that doesn’t qualify as “Saddam has chemical weapons.” We KNEW he had undestroyed stocks when he kicked out UN inspectors. It wasn’t even debateable. The UN knew it. But Saddam claimed “Oh yeah, those? I destroyed them.” In the lead up to the liberation of Iraq, Hans Blix was trying to determine if Saddam was lying. Surprise! He was. Here’s proof.

  3. Huh. Saddam had undestroyed chemical weapons. And now there is concern that the VX which UNSCOM knew he lied about may have moved to Syria.

    I wonder why the mainstream news media is so strangely silent on the matter? Any guesses?

  4. Because they are a bunch of self serving left wing weasels. Any evidence that does not conform to their worldview must be suppressed, and the ones showing the fallacy of that world view must be punished. I have a sister that is one of them, and she will never accept that anyone other than the left can have a valid viewpoint.

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