On Obama having “done wonders for healthcare.”

Well, for one, people wonder if they’ll have a job next week. We wonder if we will be able to afford our health insurance premiums. And, of course, everyone wonders what their care will be like in the future.

3 thoughts on “Heh.”

  1. Got a note today that due to ObamaCare, my health insurance company has to send back part of the premiums we paid. Apparently, they’re only allowed 15% of premiums for overhead and themselves, 85% has to go directly toward care. Sounds to me like they just got an incentive to insure the cost of care goes as high as 85% of my premiums, so that the 15% will be higher.

    One would think that the collapse of communism would have served as a warning that communism doesn’t work, wouldn’t you?

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