Roamy's roundup

A little bit of everything for you this morning.

We haven’t even named Pluto’s fourth moon, now they have discovered a fifth! The Hubble scientists that have been studying Pluto say they are still searching, that there may be more. The new moon is estimated to be 6 to 15 miles across.

The civil aviation section of Hawker Beechcraft is being bought by the Chinese firm Superior Aviation Beijing. While I automatically cringe at the Chinese taking over an American firm, if it keeps jobs in Kansas and Arkansas, that’s a good thing, right? It still needs to be approved by regulators and by bankruptcy court.

The transaction with Superior would not include Hawker Beechcraft Defense Company (HBDC), which would remain a separate entity. HBDC will continue to operate its highly successful T-6 trainer program and pursue the final certification of the AT-6 light attack aircraft.

Thanks to cost overruns on NOAA’s weather satellites, the underwater laboratory Aquarius may fall under the budget axe. NASA uses Aquarius for its NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations, or NEEMO program.

Finally, I bring you the Seven Minutes of Terror video for the Curiosity landing. A little melodramatic, but you have to remember that only 14 out of 40 missions to Mars have been successful. Curiosity lands August 5th.


Y’all have a good day.

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