10 thoughts on “THIS is why we don't have math on the blog…”

  1. Looks like a Navy “optimal manning” presentation. Forty equals 75.

    Artillery guys use the “ish” system.

    “Deflection 3292, Quadrant 416 (ish)!”

  2. You really want to see some fun math, check out Randall’s new weekly feature at XKCD. This week’s article includes the disclaimer “If anyone asks, no, I did not tell you it was okay to do math this way.”

    Brilliant stuff, though …

    1. Does anyone else giggle at phrases like “smothering ocean of high pressure meat”?

  3. BAH! they’re cheating. The red and green blocks are each 12 units (0.5*3*8), the blue and orange shapes are 20 units (15+(0.5*2*5)). Add em all up, you’ve got 64. By moving the pieces around they’re making it LOOK like the sides all match up and it forms a rectangle, but in reality it wont. The slope on those red and green triangles is 3/8. The slope on the blue and orange blocks is 2/5. And if you know the slightest thing about fractions (or wrenches) you know that while 2/5ths is CLOSE to 3/8ths, they’re NOT the same thing. In reality, those shapes won’t line up evenly.

  4. Dale Wilson, this skit by Abbott and Costello, sounds like US Government statistics.

  5. If you like I could throw something together about Laplace Transforms, Partial Differential Equations or Lagrangian Dynamics.

    I didn’t count anything, but based on a quick inspection it looks like MikeD is onto them.

    1. Um, no thanks! I only got as far as multi-dimensional calculus, and that was (I think) a “C” for me. 🙂

      Statistics & Probability; now that’s fun!

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