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Missile Defense Fallout | Washington Free Beacon.

A lot here to mull over – a 3-star general yelling and screaming, intimidating subordinates and creating a toxic workplace.  Lt. Gen. Patrick J. O’Reilly “said the witnesses’ testimony was based on ‘extrapolations of inaccurate perceptions of isolated incidents.’ ”  Um, there were 37 witnesses who testified in the investigation, including 24 current or former senior Missile Defense Agency officials.  That’s not just a couple of people you can’t get along with.

An anonymous source quoted in the article mentions problems with current missile defense systems.

The official also raised questions about the integrity of missile defense flight tests that MDA had classified as successes.
“Many flight tests fail to achieve intercept, however, Lt. Gen. O’Reilly will report that the target was ‘successfully engaged and all test criteria have been met,’ or ‘all components performed as designed,’” the official said.

The third area of concern is regarding Lt. Gen. O’Reilly’s replacement, Rear Adm. James D. Syring. Three-star to one-star? Hopefully Syring will get another star, but is this a downgrade for MDA?

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  1. Used to be, the sworn testimony of just a handful of officers was considered sufficient evidence for a court-martial. Why is this guy being allowed to retire?

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