Eleven Dead and Dozens Injured in Shooting Spree

One of the victims was a 7-year old boy, another a 75-year old man.   Another terrible tragedy in the wake of the Aurora CO theater shooting?   No, actually.  That was Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend 2012.  Chicago, former Obama Chief of Staff and now Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s fiefdom, is closing in on has officially exceeded (as of this morning) three hundred murders (and 1,500 shootings) before the end of the seventh month of this year.   A tragedy to be sure, but not if you judged by the media coverage, which has been noticeably muted.   Nor by the contrast in reaction from both Emanuel and President Obama, the latter whom did not utter an audible peep regarding the ongoing carnage in the Windy City.

Why d’you suppose that is?  For one thing, Chicago has among the most draconian firearms prohibitions in the country.  Yet, the murder rate, the vast majority of it with firearms somehow available to the drug dealers and gangs which roam the streets and neighborhoods, continues to soar.   So the old far-Left standby of “what we need is GUN CONTROL!” is irrelevant in Chicago, as it is in Washington DC.  Law-abiding citizens are virtually unarmed in both cities.

In Chicago, Emanuel and a compliant media blame the drugs and gangs, and even the unusually hot weather.  Anything and everything, except the failure of ever-stricter gun laws to have even minimal impact on those elements of society that are the most destructive and dangerous.

So when President Obama speaks to the Urban League in the wake of the Aurora shootings and makes what he tries desperately to couch as “common sense” that “assault weapons” such as AK-47s are “better off in the hands of soldiers”, one cannot but see through his affirmation of the rights of Americans to own firearms.   Never mind that “assault weapons” will be defined as anything and everything the Gun-Grabbers can possibly apply the tag to, and restrictions on magazine capacity and ammunition purchases (driving up consumer cost immensely) will be part and parcel to the effort to further disarm the law-abiding.

The usual suspects, Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Bloomberg, Arne Duncan, Hollywood, and academia will accelerate the cries for “more gun laws” and “tighter restrictions”, as if such would have the slightest effect on someone like the suspect in the Aurora tragedy, or the shooting of a US Congresswoman.   They know it, we should, too.   One has only to look to Chicago for proof.

Obama is entirely mistaken.   The legal semi-automatic AK-47s belong in the hands of law-abiding citizens, as is their right under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.   Because we have a right to self-defense, and defense of our loved ones and our property.  And we have a right to the last redress against the tyranny of government.


3 thoughts on “Eleven Dead and Dozens Injured in Shooting Spree”

  1. Chicago is a city run by a Democratic Machine that is tied in with the criminals, so there is no surprise that they would have ordinances that favor the criminals. Just as in NYC, where the Sullivan Laws were introduced by Rep. Sullivan, who was an Irish gang member, and wanted to be sure that his gang members would no longer be shot by armed citizens. Chicago is an Evil City.

  2. I am just hoping for a meteor strike. Back at the turn of the century, when there was the Y2K scare, I was hoping it would strike Fermi Lab, just aoutside of Chicago, where they have messed about with antimatter. I was hoping for a power outage, and the solution to the Chicago Problem with the collapse of the magnetic field around the antimatter. Alas, the power atayed on, the antimatter was in such small amounts that it would only have been a firecracker boom, not the blast I wanted. sigh.

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