I’ts hot. Like, really hot. Enervating, as it were. And it seems to have sucked any desire or will to write straight out of me. All the news is depressing and I find depressing stuff very hard to write about. Angry stuff, easy writing. Depressing stuff? I wanna curl up with my teddy bear.

LCS fail is still fail.

Many of us supposed that Iraqi WMD were moved to Syria shortly before the US led invasion of 2003. URR has his thoughts on the matter over at USNI blog. I’ll note that there is pretty strong evidence that Syria had its own WMD program independent of any Iraqi program.

Take a look at the list of the first 200 Load HEAT Hotties. Anybody missing that should be on the list? I’ve got one or two candidates in mind, but after a while, choosing ladies gets surprisingly difficult.

Back to the future. The Marines buy a new pistol. It’s 100 years old. The choice of sidearm is one of the most emotional ones around. Very, very few Marines, or Soldiers, have ever faced a situation where the choice of sidearm was the determining factor in life or death. Having said that, it’s such a marginal cost, why not go with the emotionally appealing choice? I’m a huge fan of the .45. Yes, I’m sure there are naysayers out there that will provide a ton of information on why some other weapon is a better choice. But, like I say, it’s an emotional issue.

I’m rereading Patrick O’Brien’s Master and Commander for the umpteenth time. It’s my favorite of the series. 

Seriously, New York City, I don’t expect you to make decent picante sauce, but could you at least get rid of this idiot?

I’m still pecking away at a couple drafts, but moving slower than pond water. Thanks to the cobs for sharing their content.

11 thoughts on “Ugh.”

  1. Bloomberg is an idiot. There was a good link posted there showing that the police are highly in favor of CCW permitting, despite the fear-mongering that preceded and follows it.

    Cops realize that criminals won’t turn in their guns and that if we can’t stop people and drugs from coming across the border, there’s no way that we’d keep guns out either (if they could somehow collect every gun out there, which they can’t).

  2. Glad the Jarheads are going back to the future. I never cared for the 9mm and bought a .45 auto. I bought a 1911 clone, and my son, who lived with the M9, bought his .45 in a Glock model. Tuttle thinks Glocks are just handbag guns. I told him the Glock is a bit large for a handbag and he said :get a bigger handbag!”

    Seriously, we’ve known the optimum military round is in the 7mm class for a long time. I’d like to see something about that in a decent piece (the AR-15 action is not a decent weapon, sorry). There is no real weight advantage over the old weapons any more. The M-16 started out much lighter than it is now, but the current version is not much lighter than a M-14/Garand. The ammo is lighter, and that’s about it.

    1. QM, interesting take on the M-16. Didn’t know the weight had increased that much.

      Since I’m a traditionalist, I loves me some M-14. And there does seem to be a healthy current of support for something approximating a 7mm round.

  3. Why is anyone surprised that Syria has WMD? Israel destroyed their reactor several years ago and the Syrians wiped the existence off the map. What’s a little WMD between tyrannies.

  4. I work in the Imperial Republic of Bloombergistan. Even at home in the burbs where I live it’s Emperor Bloom Bucks all day long. I can’t stand that doofus.

  5. If you don’t like the heat, come to Oak Harbor. I am here for a quick stop and the weather is perfect. I don’t want to go back to TX.
    Master and Commander. I agree that is probably one of the best of an outstanding series. Wish they had made a sequel to the movie.

    1. There had been amorphous plans to head up there this summer, but those seem to have gone by the wayside. Instead, I’ll be heading to the coast this weekend. But two years ago when I went back to OH for my reunion, it was absolutely gorgeous. Few places on earth as pretty as Whidbey on a nice summer day. If we ever synch up our schedules, we’ll have to rent a boat and go to Goat Island!

  6. As for hot, I DON’T wanna talk about it. Worked darn near an 11-hour shift (2:00pm – 12:45am) in a kitchen where ALL the cooks were bitching it was too hot to function! One fella (half my age) had to got sit down in the walk-in freezer to cool off. Managers said: “the thermostat is set at 69.” Feh.

    Had some nasty heat rash when I got home. Cool shower & beer applied. Feeling better. 🙂

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