6 thoughts on “Photos: Amazing X-Planes from the X-1 to XV-15 | Space.com”

    1. X-3 was certainly a very striking looking airplane, but not a terribly successful one. She wasn’t even supersonic in level flight.

    2. Aggie, I fell in love with that plane as a wee lad; IIRC, I had the (roughly) 1/48 Lindbergh model. Very kewl. But -as brad says- not such a hot ride. :-/

  1. Sorry, my vote goes to the X-32, loser in the JSF fly-off. Ugly from end to end.
    Not that the F-35 is doing much better….

  2. I’ve got to go with the A-wing X-24 or the X-29 (I had the GI Joe version growing up)

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