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Ballistic eye protection, or Eyepro, was virtually unknown back in the stone age when I was on active duty. Times have changed. Deployed troops today are required to wear eye saving goggles or glasses at almost all times, and many stateside training evolutions also require their wear.

While units supply eyepro, either through an installation’s Central Issue Facility or via unit purchase, individuals are also authorized to wear substitutes, provided they meet established standards. LuckyGunner provides a long, but interesting, post in the levels of protection available and highlights one issue that some troops and units may not stress enough- eyepro has a short useful lifespan. All ballistic polycarbonites deteriorate rapidly under exposure to sunlight. Maybe Roamy can weigh in on the materials science aspect of that.

Read the whole thing, and watch the videos too. And ALWAYS wear eye protection when shooting.

As a Navy Corpsman, I had the opportunity to see the results of a number of injuries, including those involving the face and eyes. I was astounded to see how crucial eye protection, sometimes referred to as “eye pro,” was and how effective it could be. I saw a number of potentially vision-threatening fragments of metal and other debris stopped by good eye protection. In one case, a large chunk of metal hit a Marine in the face, partially penetrating the lens of his glasses and causing him to lose vision in that eye. Without that eye protection, he most likely would have been killed. The author, with ESS eye protection, while deployed.Not all eye pro is created equal, though. In order to understand how one type of eye protection might be “better” than another, we need to first look at what standards various types of eyewear may meet – and then shoot at them to see which eyewear provides the best protection.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered a pair of Smiths to replace the Remingtons I’ve been using.

  2. Used Oakley’s Strike-M’s as sunglasses and clear lenses. Very durable, excellent quality.

    For more serious work, such as kicking in doors, I employed Bolle 800’s. They were issued to Ranger Batt at the time, so I decided they were worth a try. Superb field of vision, very compact, exellent ventilation, and did not interfere with cheek weld. Saved my eyes from debris more than once. The only product made by the french that I would use.

    But they discontinued them . . . alas.

    I got several sets of spare lenses at least.

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