Syria: Evidence of Cluster Munitions Use by Syrian Forces | Human Rights Watch

A pair of videos posted online by a user believed to be a Syrian activist on July 10, 2012, appear to show cluster munition remnants, Human Rights Watch said today. The images include Soviet-produced unexploded submunitions and a bomb canister, apparently found in Jabal Shahshabu, a mountainous area near Hama.

An activist in the area told Human Rights Watch that the region where the cluster remnants were allegedly found has been under sustained bombardment by Syrian forces over the past two weeks.

via Syria: Evidence of Cluster Munitions Use by Syrian Forces | Human Rights Watch.

So, where’s the story here? Syria is not a signatory on the ban on the use of cluster munitions.

If Syria is using them against armed rebels, that’s a legitimate use of force. If Syria is bombing civilians, it is a war crime, whether they’re using cluster munitions or regular dumb bombs.

So riddle me this- what’s the story?

6 thoughts on “Syria: Evidence of Cluster Munitions Use by Syrian Forces | Human Rights Watch”

  1. It’s like when Tom Cruise attempted to “strenuously object” in “A Few Good Men”. Interestingly, Afghanistan is a signatory, though Iraq, Pakistan, India, China and the US are not. I think if your aim is killing civilians, it really doesn’t matter how heinously you do it, you’re still going to end up dead for it – whether it’s outside a drain pipe, at the hangman’s noose or by your own hand.

  2. Is this the same Human Right Watch that had an employee (who was a loud critic of Israel) caught buying Nazi stuff on a neo-Nazi forum?

    1. It must’ve pained them to actually type another nation’s name as the bad guy instead of Israel. Then again, I think they have a policy that once a year they will criticize some nation that actually commits human rights violations as a matter of national policy instead of only going after nations that commit human rights violations as the exception to the rule.

  3. It’s like those morons who were shocked, SHOCKED to find the US was using White Phosphorus! Clearly that MUST be a war crime since it is so much worse to be burned by a chemical than by a fire. Nevermind that we use it for smoke and NOT as an incindiary device, the fact that it’s HORRIBLE is what needs to be pointed out.

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