NASA Spinoffs

I’ve griped in the past that NASA’s PR stinks. Maybe that’s finally changing for the better, with Twitter (@ISS_Research) and a decent website and Youtube.


Today I listened to the chief scientist for the International Space Station, Dr. Julie Robinson give a 90-minute presentation on what’s been happening on ISS. She hit quite a number of highlights, including those in the Youtube video, mainly in the categories of discovery (X-ray sources, dark matter), exploration (astronaut health, spacecraft durability), and Earth benefits (pharmaceutical development, telemedicine, disaster response). She had nice things to say about my experiments on ISS, too.

I thought an interesting point was that even though there were 15 nations who built the ISS, there have been 63 countries with research and/or educational participation on ISS. (We just added Trinidad.) There will be more in the near future, now that there’s a 6-man crew and ISS assembly is complete.