On Target!

I think URR might appreciate this 1966 propaganda film from the Marines showcasing their close air support.


The Marines have always been a much smaller service than the Army.  It is only under the rarest of circumstances that Marines (post-WWII) operate with formations larger than one division. Conversely, the Army routinely operates at the corps or field army level. In the Army, those higher echelons contain large artillery formations which can compliment the organic artillery at the division or Brigade Combat Team level.

Since the Marines don’t have that option, they turn to close air support. In fact, the Marines virtually invented the concept of close air support during the Banana Wars of South America in the inter-war years.

4 thoughts on “On Target!”

  1. Propaganda? Oh peee-shaw. Marine Air is organic to the MAGTF fight at any level. Which is why CFACC/JFACC gets spare sorties but not our organic air.

    That film had F-4 Phantoms, 2.75 rocket pods, M-14s, steel pots, Bird Dogs, sateens (with blouses tucked in the trousers!), soft covers with flight suits, Mk-84s, M-79 grenade launchers, napalm, and a whole platoon marching to their security post without reflective belts. That is damned good stuff. URR is pleased.

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