This is a controversy?

Really? This is some weak tea

The video appeared on and is already generating controversy for a US government that has had to deal with multiple scandals involving deplorable conduct of American troops in Afghanistan.

The video, taken from the cockpit of an AH64 Apache helicopter in the 101st airborne division, shows an air raid on an Afghan roadway. As the pilots close in on the target, they release a hellfire missile. The targets can be seen as little white spots in the middle of the road. They turn to run, and the moment before they are engulfed in flame, one of the pilots comes over the com with his rendition of the most famous line of the American classic.

“While on patrol in the Wardack province our Apache Pilots aka “Mexican” encountered innocent farmers planting poppy seeds in the middle of the road. Working in concert with ground forces they eliminated the threat with ONE Kilo Hellfire,” the caption by on the video reads.

Sadly, WordPress makes it almost impossible to embed Liveleak videos, so you’ll have to follow the link.

Of course, the bad guys weren’t planting poppy seeds in the middle of a road. They were digging in an IED. I’m guessing the caption was a bit of snark. And is the gunner singing a snippet of Don McLean really a controversy? I don’t recall which clause of the Geneva Conventions prohibits singing.

Update: got it to embed, but it autoplays.

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8 thoughts on “This is a controversy?”

  1. It didn’t play as an embed for me. But I did go to live leak and watch. I second your motion about the short bit of singing.

    I’m with Bill Tuttle on this, “if you are in a fair fight, you planned poorly.” War is not meant to be a fair fight. Or, you can use my personal definition “A fair fight is one I win.”

  2. What!? That’s it? He sang a little ditty and the proggies are getting upset?
    I hope those bed-wetters don’t get hold of photos of American tanks in Korea, back in the day… 😉

  3. Of course the critics will completely miss the discussion of not firing at the buildings once the IED emplacers left the street due to a loss of PID. As usual, that which they choose to criticize actually illustrates the great restraint that USF invariably employ.

  4. It’s always a war crime when we kill someone. No matter what the circumstances. A life may only be taken by an American with approval of the UN in consultation with various human rights organizations. This of course does not apply to any member of an oppressed group or organization claiming to be “freedom fighhters”. Didn’t you guys get the memo?

  5. Mr.Bill, I received the memo of which you speak, Sir . . .

    I used it as kindling to take care of the Burn Box contents one evening pulling radio watch.

    Since from the moment I took the oath of enlistment and I became a war criminal in the eyes of the un, dnc, cbc, nbc, msnbc, cnn, wikileaks, “a” for anonymous, code pink, nambla and amnesty international anyway – but not al-qaeda, cair, hamas, hezbolla, or their originator the muslim brotherhood, those are all premier humanitarian organizations, just ASK them – reckoned why should I care? I am damned now and forever in their corrupt eyes no matter what I do.

    To quote Detective Vincent Hanna of Robbery Homicide:

    “Once it became a Murder One beat for all of them, they didn’t hesitate, popped guard number three cuz’ . . . what difference did it make? Why leave a living witness? Drop of a hat these guys will rock and roll.”

    One thing that proved a side-benefit, I received the Carbon Credits™ of the ne’er do wells I encountered and confirmed . . . since I ended their polluting habits – firing Evil Assault Weapons™, burning down churches, schools, blowing up Buddhist temples and statues, murdering women, children, homosexuals and even a Well-Meaning but Tragically Naive™ liberal aid worker or two – The Gorical™ himself, that is THE al gore, cannot say squat to me, since I now am in possession of a bountiful surplus in Eco-Indulgences™.

    Why, if I cashed them in now, I could retire.

    I plan on telling him I killed his Man-Bear-Pig™ when I was overseas, too, just to see if he starts crying . . .

  6. This is just beyond stupid. I read the comments over at the Daily Mail (not a good idea if you value you sanity)…stupid, stupid people.

    1. I woulda figgered you knew better than to do such things by now.

      A lot of commenters on sites like that have a very loose relationship with reality.

  7. I think I would have learned my lesson after reading what people were saying about the Wikileaks “Collateral Murder” video. I thought my head was going to explode.

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