The Most Important Memo You’ll Read All Day.

Rather blatantly stolen from John Donovan.

“Team: Effective immediately, the reflective belt is no longer a mandatory part of the Tropic Lightning PRT uniform. In the future, I expect leaders to conduct a proper risk assessment to determine when and where reflective belts are required for safety. As an example, road guards with reflective belts should be employed when a unit is conducting a formation run or foot march on a road that is not closed for PRT.
This change is intended to promote decentralized decision making and adaptive leadership skills. Encourage your subordinates to use their best judgment and do the right thing based on conditions and the task to be trained.
Please get the word out.
Lightning 6


The commanding general of the 25th Infantry Division just pushed authority down to subordinate leaders. In today’s risk averse society, that’s pretty incredible.  Maybe if this works out, we can see this as the beginning of a trend.

7 thoughts on “The Most Important Memo You’ll Read All Day.”

  1. I can power down clearing all of the squad’s weapons after a live-fire to a staff sergeant. I can power down entering and clearing a building and ensuring that only the right people get killed to the platoon leader. I can power down release authority for an Apache helicopter’s weapons systems to the CO CDR on the ground. I can take a guy down by 4 pay grades and put him at the staff duty desk for 45 days. I can put 830 Soldiers and 75 combat vehicles in harm’s way…. but I can’t take the PT belt off of a Soldier who is mowing the grass… Kudos to the CG.

  2. Moral courage. I’m glad to see this, as it assaults my sensibilities when a member of the world’s finest armed force wears a reflective belt.

    1. It’s a wonder they don’t make the troops wear fluorescent yellow vests into combat to insure no one gets run over. Makes about as much sense as the reflective belt requirement.

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