1. I used the same MRE spoon the entire time I was deployed in Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I don’t know why. I just did.

2. The  plastic MRE spoons were a key component of an improvised trigger device for trip wires someone once taught me. That’ a clothespin, two thumbtacks, a 9v battery and some wire made for a handy remote detonating system for Claymore mines.  In peacetime, hooking the device up to a flash cube worked as a nice simulator or early warning device.

3. Spooning back in the days before DADT was a bit frowned upon in the field. But sometimes, practicality takes precedence. I never went to SERE school. But I did go to Team Spirit 87, and Korea in March isn’t exactly balmy. And since we were “Lightfighters” we kept our load to a minimum by eschewing sleeping bags. The problem is, trying to sleep on a freezing night with just a poncho and poncho liner is uncomfortable at best, and hazardous at worst. So, you bet my battlebuddy became my snugglebunny.  PT&A rules in effect.

7 thoughts on “Spoons”

  1. Did you realy think Korea was like the PTA on the big island? I did Team Spirit in 79 and we froze in the sleeping bags. There was some warmth from some rice straw we liberated from a farm we used in our shelter halves.

  2. Does having the idea of hooking up a flash camera as an early warning device on a claymore make me a bad man?

  3. Flash cubes … there’s a product you don’t see around much any more. Betcha if you showed one to anyone under 20 today they’d think it was a funny-looking Christmas light.

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