While we’re waiting…

While we’re waiting for XBrad’s nudie pic story, I’m going to tell my nudie pic story.

I had the idea when I was a co-op student that since there were four divisions in the lab and I was planning on spending four quarters at NASA, I’d like to rotate through each division. I spent my first co-op quarter in the metallic materials division and asked to move to one of the others. I was working on a minor in nuclear engineering, so working in the radiation lab sounded like a good opportunity. The lead physicist in the radiation lab had passed away more than a year before, and the slot still hadn’t been filled. Any radiation test required two people for safety, so they were having to pull a useful technician from elsewhere to sit in the lab any time there was a test. Better for NASA to put a co-op student in that job.

The radiation lab was small, and there was only one free desk, the one that belonged to the deceased physicist. I was told that his widow was supposed to come out and go through his personal items, but either she was never told this or she just didn’t want to deal with it on top of everything else. I figured if she hadn’t done it in a year, she wasn’t going to, so I emptied out the desk drawers, cleared off the top, and made it mine. I thought it was cool, it was big and metal grey, it still had the ABMA logo, and it looked like it could withstand nuclear attack.

Everything was fine for a couple of months, until the day my boss came out to the lab with paperwork for me to sign. The desktop was cluttered (those who know how I am, I can hear you laughing out there), so there was no space for me to put the paperwork. For the first time, I pulled out the letter tray, and there they were in all their nekkid glory, about 20 Playboy and Penthouse girls, all carefully cut out and taped down to the metal. I turned about 16 shades of red, and my boss and the radiation tech had a good laugh on my account.

Oh, and that physicist preferred blondes.

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  1. Good story.

    Today that would be a hostile workplace lawsuit in a femtosecond

  2. Roamie,

    Dated blond and even married a blonde once. But I married the love of my life, a brunetete, 23 years ago last Sunday…brunette is the ONLY way to go!

    1. Well, I can safely say I love all the ladies here (like internet sisters I’ve never met), but I am partial to the redheads. Married mine 16 years ago, and life hasn’t been boring since!

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