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The head of South Carolina’s National Guard said Tuesday he will conduct an internal review of the Guard’s policy on social media use after Gov. Nikki Haley’s husband used Facebook to call members of the state Senate cowards for not voting on a bill favored by his wife.

Maj. Gen. Robert Livingston said he spoke with Michael Haley about the matter, and Michael Haley told the general he intended to express himself as a private citizen, not as a member of the Guard.

Michael Haley is an officer the South Carolina Army National Guard.

Sen. Jake Knotts, a Lexington Republican who has often clashed with Gov. Haley, called late Tuesday for Michael Haley to resign his commission if he can’t abstain from “contentious partisan issues.”

via Haley defends military husband’s Facebook post – Military News | News From Afghanistan, Iraq And Around The World – Military Times.

We’ve seen some clear cut cases wherein soldiers, particularly Guard and Reserve soldiers, have engaged in partisan political activity, which is inappropriate and prohibited by regulation. One prime example is the young soldier who, in uniform, addressed a Ron Paul rally.

But soldiers don’t forfeit their right to freedom of expression. And particularly in the case of Guard and Reserve soldiers, it is occasionally difficult to determine where the line is between a citizen exercising his rights, and a soldier engaging in prohibited partisan activities. I haven’t looked at this case in any detail, so the specifics of it are really beyond me.

But one of the great concerns expressed time and again  is the growing gulf between the military and the citizenry.  There was a time in the post war era that virtually every candidate for office could tout at least some form of military service.  Do we really want to argue that politicians and their family members must distance  themselves from military service?

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  1. Part of the problem here is that Gov. Nikki Haley has, in the past, used her husband’s Facebook account to post her own views. By doing so, he has allowed his account to be used for political purposes, and by someone else, even if it is his wife.

    1. So? You’re arguing that he can’t undertake any political, partisan activity. As long as he isn’t representing himself as speaking on behalf of the military, or while in uniform, he’s still got the right to political speech.

      1. I agree with you, however Gov. Haley has used Facebook, both her account and that of her husband, for overtly partisan activities. That’s part of the reason why this latest post under her husband’s name has caught the attention of others.

          1. I’m not saying there’s a problem, I’m saying that’s why it caught the attention of others. Personally, I think Michael Haley can write whatever he wants as long as he’s not divulging state secrets. But when you’re a lightning rod, as his wife has been, there’s always someone who will find something to attack you on.

    2. So it’s bad to use Facebook for partisan activities? Most of my friends and I are screwed.

    3. Jeff, you’re safe. People that don’t know you grew up in the Springs or were a Nuke Snipe will have no idea why you have that “glow” about you and leave you alone. They’ll think you’re Spiderman or sumpin’ and won’t want to cross you.

  2. “it is occasionally difficult to determine where the line is between a citizen exercising his rights, and a soldier engaging in prohibited partisan activities. ”

    Actually, no, it isn’t. One question. Was the service member in a status that made him/her subject to the UCMJ at the time of the action?

    But what we see is the rampant and infuriating double standard. Missy Mullen, sitting in uniform on an active duty status, expresses his unsolicited personal opinion on a political matter, and declares anyone in disagreement with him to be lacking “integrity”. And he is a hero.

    Yet Nikki Haley’s husband, while NOT in a duty status or subject to the UCMJ, expresses HIS personal opinion regarding a political matter not on camera but in social media, and he is criticized?

    There is no reconciliation of those two. It is a blatant double standard. Left is always correct, and right is always incorrect.

  3. Nikki Haley is a “lighting rod” only because the far-left mainstream media has targeted her as a conservative woman whom presents a threat to the absurd but oft-repeated notion that the Republicans are all racists and misogynists who champion the white male.

    See: Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Condi Rice, Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte, Dana Perino, Mia Love.

    1. It’s not quite that simple. I worked for Haley’s predecessor so I hardly fall into the far-left camp, and Haley has proven herself interested only in running for office, not in governing. I would hardly classify her with the likes of Condi Rice or Dana Perino, for example, both of whom understand issues and don’t fall back on platitudes when asked difficult questions.

      There’s plenty of smart, astute Republican women out there, but Haley isn’t one of them.

  4. CBC,

    The fact remains that the Dems have targeted her, and have admitted to doing so as a part of their strategy. Whether that is all she has in common with the other Republican women or not is almost immaterial.

  5. As a SC resident, I’d respectfully disagree on your assessment of Nikki Haley. And to compare her unfavorably to her predecessor is a joke. Sandford managed to turn a successful political career into a joke because he couldn’t keep his trousers zipped, and then lacked the integrity to resign when EVERYONE, Left, Right and Center called for him to.

  6. Personally, I am in favor of Heinlein’s Law with regards to both voting and running for political office . . .

    1. That is the one, Sir.

      The only reason some people would vehemently oppose such an idea is that they would never pay that debt in advance.

      While we would still get charlie rangels, lindsey grahams, randall cunninhams and jon murthas, we would be rid of the barney franks, olympia snowes, michael bloombergs and nancy pelosis . . .

      Honestly, I cannot see the downside, especially when the resulting culture on Capital Hill would take more decisive actions against the ne’er-do-wells.

  7. I read the linked article, and it was pretty vague on the details. Can’t say whether that was deliberate; just pointing it out. They didn’t even give a link to the “offending” remark. At the end of the article they did mention that idiot Marine sergeant who -after being warned he was out of line- insisted on disrespecting the President by name. Big no-no.

    So. I fired up Facebook, and looked for a Michael Haley from South Carolina. Easy-peasy, since he labelled his site “(Public figure).” It’s right here. If you look at his page, you won’t see much indicating that’s he’s currently serving in the NG, unless you click on his “About” link. Scrolling down the most you’ll find are remarks which can be found on literally hundreds of thousands of sites across the country.

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