Finmeccanica Eyes New U.S. Orders For C-27Js

Finmeccanica said the United States might restart ordering C-27J military cargo aircraft, a key part of the relaunch of the Italian aerospace and defence group’s Alenia Aermacchi unit.

Earlier this year, the United States ended the procurement of C-27Js when contracts for 17 out of 38 aircraft initially planned had yet to be finalized.

Finmeccanica said a committee at the U.S. Congress had reconsidered the decision.

via Finmeccanica Eyes New U.S. Orders For C-27Js.

Hmmm…. might it be that the committee is annoyed with the Air
Force’s bait-and-switch strategy with regard to the whole C-27 program?

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  1. It’s that the zoomies think they are only Fighter (and bomber) pilots. They forget that the Air Force is a helper service. It’s the grunt on the ground that wins the war. They have called transport planes (and their pilots) “trash haulers” for a long time. I think it’s time Congress and the Army show them who’s boss.

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