It’s hot, I didn’t sleep well, and just not terribly motivated to look for stuff on the web today, nor write. So you just get stuff this morning.

I’m afraid of heights. If I was on top of this contraption, I’d be puking my guts out. And looking out for EA-6Bs.


I may be a touch enamoured of Bianca Beauchamp. (Mostly SFW)


No band for her at the Change of Command. 1. BUMED is on a tear. 2. While the Surface Warfare community seems to be very reluctant to fire females, BUMED seems to have missed the memo from the Diversity Commissariats. 3. I’m getting pretty old when I can look at a Navy Captain and my first thought is “she’s kinda cute.”


HMS Iwo Jima?


C-130s lend a hand with the Waldo Canyon wildfire. They’re an imperfect solution compared to a dedicated air tanker, but better than nothing.



SCOTUS on Obamacare, my thoughts- I’ll keep digging in the pile, but the more I read, the less convinced I am that there’s a pony in there.


The Daley Gator celebrates four years of blogging.  Congrats!


6 thoughts on “Stuff”

  1. Said Navy Captain is likely a few years younger than either of us, and yes, she is cute as a button. Which, unfortunately, is not an indicator of professional acumen or command presence.

  2. Minor nit: I don’t think it would have been HMS IWO JIMA. I suspect it would have been something like HMAV, or HMHV or something like that, since it would have been under a lease rather than a real ownership setup.

  3. I grew up in Colorado Springs. It’s weird seeing all those landmarks from the air.

  4. There ain’t no pony in that pile Brad. Althouse has had her say on the two decisions that came out, Stolen Valor and Obamacare. Her take is that SCOTUS has just ratified the idea that lying is just A OK. I’d have to agree. Both dissents are scathing, and both rulings have permanently damaged the rep of SCOTUS and Roberts Rep will never recover.

    A lot of us were right about Bush’s progressivism and he gave us Roberts after we prevented Miers.

    1. Roberts gave us Citizen’s United, Heller, and McDonald. Granted, he seems to be suffering from a severe rectal-cranial inversion, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call him a progressive. Moron, maybe; coward, certainly.

      Long term I don’t think this decision will have much impact. I think Obamacare was unpopular enough before it became the largest tax increase in history to swing Congress and the White House. And this decision is so poorly reasoned and inconsistent that nobody is going to cite it for anything.

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