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The New Zealand Defence Force, marking its first participation in Rim of the Pacific naval exercises in 28 years, has sent a frigate, a tanker and other war-fighting elements to Honolulu for the world’s largest international naval exercises.

“They are certainly integrated into all the events. They are hosting a reception — just like many of the other ships are,” said RIMPAC spokesman U.S. Navy Cmdr. Charlie Brown.

Just not in Pearl Harbor, where the rest of the 42 participating surface ships from 11 nations will be.

Altogether, 22 nations, six submarines, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are participating in the largest RIMPAC ever, running through July and into early August.

But a nearly three-decade quarrel over New Zealand’s anti-nuclear posture still prevents the Kiwi frigate Te Kaha and tanker Endeavour from stopping in Pearl Harbor, just as U.S. Navy ships are not allowed to make port calls in New Zealand.

via Old diplomatic spat keeps Kiwis out of Pearl Harbor – News – Stripes.

Those poor Kiwis, having to tie up in downtown Honolulu instead of Pearl…

Still, while New Zealand and the US have  a long history of shared sacrifice and goodwill, there have been times when that goodwill has been strained. Not broken, not bent, just strained.

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  1. Without using Google….who can name the USN naval vessel which was denied port entry all those years ago?

  2. It was fun to talk to sailors from different countries when they participated in the naval exercises.

    It was more fun to see them try to extricate themselves from unwanted, or rather unsolicited company 🙂

  3. I’d have to say it has been broken. But NZ doesn’t have much of a military these days. Most of their AF sits rusting and neglected, and the rest is pretty pathetic. The NZ Military of ANZAC days is just a very dim memory now.

    1. I had the opportunity to work with Australian troops. They showed us classic methods in employing our M240s. Few American Soldiers and Marines even heard of the techniques of plunging fire and others pioneered during The Great War, let alone how to employ it.

      Solid, dedicated, professional and patriotic men.

      However comma, the Australian government is flat out NUTS.

      Scratch that, the insane have the excuse of being denied the full use of their facilties, the elected socialist politicians actively wish to destroy Australia.

      Same as democrats and rinos in the United States.

      Witness their private small arms ban and the resulting skyrocketing of violent crime. Compounded by the mass importation of hostile muslims for the suicidal needs of multiculturalism . . . and the increasing source of said violent crime.

      Just as I weep for Great Britain, I weep for Australia.

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