Nice little pic of the M1 tank’s Muzzle Reference System.

One of the keys to the incredible accuracy of the M1 is the MRS. Basically, it is a precise measurement of any thermal distortions of the barrel. Firing rounds, or differential heating due to environmental factors can cause minute changes in the barrel, typically a slight droop after firing several rounds. By referencing that distortion, corrections can be made to sight alignment, increasing the accuracy of subsequent shots.

Or you can just watch the fall of the shots, and manually adjust. That’s what us M2 guys did.

11 thoughts on “MRS”

  1. Shooting Tank Table XIII on this awesome machine vs. shooting HBCT Stabilized Platform Gunnery Table VI on an M3A2 ODS illustrated why devices like that mean one shot, one kill.

  2. Now that Afghanistan is off, I should be shooting in September. Now I just need to figure out how to get the division to change the policy that says we can’t name our tanks. Ha ha that’s funny where you talk about using multiple rounds to kill a target.

    1. Seriously, the MRS is an incredible invention. Hard to explain to someone what exactly it does, though.

    2. I’m sorry, they aren’t letting you name your vehicles??? What kind of b-f’ing admnin POG decision is that, sir?

      And it’s real funny until you burn exposure time watching your 2 HE spotting rounds arc into the target so your gunner can adjust for his kill burst while your exposure time goes to pot. Then it’s not so funny…

      1. I seem to recall gaming the system and giving corrections on HE spotting round (one round in my day) well before they impacted, and going FFE almost instantaneously.

    3. Well, one round normally, but two when switching ammo types, since the sabot will fly over the target…

  3. Yes, the 1CD policy on vehicle markings includes do not name them. There are not even unit markings for the skirts or turret, so I can look at a sea of tanks/Brads and not know who is who. Bumper numbers only. Retarded. Yes, I am all about minimal exposure time, so if I fire two rounds it should be at two targets. When I am laughing it is at vehicles that require multiple rounds to kill anything. To me, that is coax.

    1. I’ve heard the M2/M3 A2 ODS SA and A3 are one burst, one kill on account of the new integrated sight, but the M242 is an area weapon compared to the M256.

    2. We shall see after my upcoming gunnery! The platforms are inherently accurate but 65 of 130 of my TCs, BCs and gunners have never shot any kind of gunnery, I don’t think we will achieve that level of accuracy.

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