Mandate Without End

The news today is that Obamacare is now the law of the land.

The Federal Government can now mandate that citizens buy a product, under the guise of calling that transaction a “tax”, which falls, with that twisted bit of logic, under Federal authority.  Was it so long ago that the Obama Administration and the lame-duck Congress that passed the bill declared unequivocally that Obamacare was NOT a tax in any way, shape, or form?

Make no mistake, the discussion is not of “health care”, as is so often mentioned, but health insurance.  And be not mistaken in the slightest, either, that the old axiom holds true.  Who pays the piper, calls the tune.  The Federal Government will have the say on just what this new health insurance mandate will cover.  And what it will cost.  By extension, they will eventually be the de facto determinant of what such care will be allowed, and as importantly, what will not be allowed.   Actuarially, those that are horrendous insurance risks will see their premiums drop dramatically, while those whom are good risks will see theirs rise.  Because the Government says so.  No longer am I being insured on MY risk categories, but on everyone else’s too.   Any incentive to live healthily and responsibly vanishes in the foul miasma of collective responsibility and forced egalitarianism.  Expect costs to insurers, and businesses who must provide, to skyrocket.  Just what a struggling economy needs.  Oh, and those who cannot “afford” to pay for the mandate?  (Cigarettes, alcohol, tattoos, and other priorities notwithstanding.)  The rest of us pick up the tab for them, too.

Our health care system, which cares for three hundred million people with a quality unmatched for its size on the planet, will find itself short of doctors and nurses, and worse, of those willing to enter the medical field, once the real and lasting effects of nationalized health care begin to have effect.  Shortages?  Rationing?  Count on it.

What is worse, and oh-so-predictable, is that there will be no accountability in how anything that is controlled by the Federal Government is run.  No incentive for efficiency, no profit motive, no customer satisfaction concerns.  Like the VA, the Department of Motor Vehicles, and the IRS all rolled into one.

That jolt you felt was the accelerator of the eco-friendly hybrid Obamamobile being mashed to the firewall as we are propelled down the road to Statism.   A Statism where the constraints of the enumerated powers and the Ninth and Tenth Amendments are no longer even given lip service, and an omnipotent Federal Government hands out individual freedoms like so much royal patronage, along with forcibly collected tax revenue, to politically favorable groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, or some other self-defined and liberally-acceptable criteria.  Perpetuation of a voter base, and of power, bought and paid for from the taxpayers’ wallets.  Laws for thee, but not for me.

Daily across our country we have law enforcement entities at all levels routinely violating individual freedoms, TSA badgering and assaulting law-abiding Americans, an Attorney General who ran guns to Mexico illegally, resulting in the deaths of 300 Mexican citizens and a US Border Agent, in order to make a case for gun confiscation in THIS country.  And we wonder how such things could happen.  Today’s ruling shows us how such things happen.  In fact, such things are inevitable results.  Rampant, unchecked authority and abuse of power on the part of Government entities being codified and excused.  And more, much more, is to come.  That is also inevitable.

When the Solicitor General made his rambling and disjointed arguments before the bench for the mammoth socialist Nanny-ism of Obamacare, he was essentially asked “Where does it end?”   If this, what next?  Where does the limits of government authority over individual choice stop?   He never did give an answer.  Because the answer is that such doesn’t end.  Precedent is a very powerful tool for government usurpation of power.  We have been given, thanks to Chief Justice Roberts, a Mandate Without End.

How sure am I?  I’d bet my two Navy Crosses on it.

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    1. TT, go right ahead. But put your PJs on when there is a knock on the door at 0300. 🙂

  1. Calling it a tax was supremely unethical. Hide your guns and Bibles folks cause there’s plenty more mandates where this one came from.

  2. I so wish you were wrong URR, but you are not. SCOTUS has been dragging us down for the last 80 years and they have now succeeded in the crownin usurpation. There are now only three courses open to us 1) tuck our tails, go home and knuckle under, 2) take up arms or 3) secession. I doubt there is enough moral strength left in the country for number 2 or 3.

    1. I figure we’ve got one more shot left this November. If we can keep the House, take back the Senate and the White House there’s a good chance we can get this law repealed. We then need to gore a few liberal oxen with “taxes” (I was thinking an 800% tax on abortions and a 90% income surtax on EPA employees) in order to either get a SC decision limiting FedGov’s taxation power or to get support for an amendment to do the same.

  3. Fellow readers, it is a pyrrhic victory for the obama regime.

    Up until this point, the argument was that obamacare had never been a tax, but a “lawful” execution of the Commerce Clause. While Justice Roberts did not rule the way we were hoping, he has given We the People a powerful weapon: the truth about obamacare.

    Justice Roberts has correctly identified it as a punitive tax.

    The largest tax in the history of the Republic. That will sink in with even the thickest skulls, eventually. We just have to keep reminding them.

    The obama regime, while promising the moon to every Tom, Dick and Harry, stated emphatically that no taxes would be levied on anyone “[M]aking less than two-hundred, fifty thousand dollars”. He has be shown to be a foolhardy, arrogant, petulant liar and petty-minded thief with his “spread[ing] the wealth around is a good thing” argument and insipid obsession with “millionaires and billionaires” who “refuse to pay their fair share”, excluding himself and cronies, of course.

    Nazi collaborator and convicted felon george soros, especially.

    To say nothing of his communist and islamist upbringing.

    To say nothing of his declaration of amnesty for illegal aliens.

    To say nothing of his illegal military actions libya, sudan, syria and abject refusal to identify the real enemy we are fighting. Purging all US Military and Law Enforcement memorandum of the terms associated with “muslim” and “terrorist”. Allowing the increase of immigration of middle eastern nationals without scrutiny, so that Dearborn, Michigan is now “Dear-bornistan” among other places.

    Declaring the act of TREASON at Fort Hood by a man political correctness allowed to remain in the US Army, who always identified himself as a PALESTINIAN to be “workplace violence” and the repeated attacks at home on US Citizens and Service Members to be “isolated incidents.” Shielding eric holder from providing evidence of an orchestrated plot of sedition, treason and a covert act of WAR against mexico with fast and furious.

    We know the polls stating his favorability are fabricated by the media, we know the media is now out in the open as obama’s Pravda.

    Just like 2010, we have to keep the pressure upon the socialists in office and those parasites who support them.

    We need to get on our elected officials – even if they are on the side of The Constitution – and warn them that they have angered the American people.

    And we also need to remember that those we face – who are American in name ONLY and are NOT our Countrymen – want us just as dead or subjugated as do the jihadis. They just lack the stomach and testicular fortitude required to commit the necessary violence themselves.

    They are also fooling themselves if they think if it comes to violence, we will not act. The US Military and Law Enforcement will not side with them, they will not obey orders that are unconstitutional, yet this just shows the mass delusion these idiots live under.

    “We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.” – RM Rilke

  4. The problem is that taxation can now be used to compel an individual to perform an affirmative act. And Roberts seems to say there is only a theoretical limit that the court is unwilling to state what it is.

  5. I found out about the decision at McDonald’s, when I dropped in to use thier free WiFi. There was a surprising amount of anger among the customers and crew at the McDonald’s I was at, so maybe there is hope yet. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I volunteer at a charity that helps clothe the homeless, people fleeing domestic abuse, people who have lost everything in fires, etc. I expect we will be even busier in the future, when Obamacare starts killing businesses.

  6. Roberts was a fool. However, Roberts has now marked himself as such and he will never live it down. He has also completely deligitimized the court. The law could have been completely struck down, and both the commerce clause trash as well as teh taxztion part been struck down. FedGov has no authority to deal with either one under teh enumerated powers, and Roberts knows that, but refused to do his duty. He nneds to be locked in a room with a loaded handgun and told to do teh decent thing so his batters are spared teh sad duty of doing it for him if he won’t.

    Dubya Bush has now also been finally seen as teh idiot he was. His rep is now mud as well.

  7. Invest your spare cash ( ok, I know that is an oxymoron) in metals.


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