9 thoughts on “Sox.”

  1. Dr. Cat knows better than to mess with me at 0530. He’s learned about flying, and has determined that he only likes it when it’s his idea.

  2. Good to see that you and Sox have arrived at a modus vivendi and you know your proper place in the home. He may condescend to allow you to live.

  3. Cats is all bastids.

    Except Miss Sheba, who is wonderful and cute. Enough so to wrap a 250-pound Marine around her little paw.

  4. My Norwegian Forest Cat, Lazarus, who was my entire inheretance from my Dad, had gotten into his small Norwegian brain that cats are fed at 4:30 in the morning. He would come and announce in a loud voice, ” It’s 0430, the sun will soon be in the sky, and IT’S CAT FEEDEING TIME”! I once got out of bed, walked in the dark into the kitchen, and got a dish of cat food out of the fridge, ( as a treat, Dad used to give Laz a quarter of a can of gormet cat food every day, so I continued the practice ), nuked it, and put it on the floor. I started back for my bed, and while passing through the dining room, stepped in something warm and wet. Turning on the lights, I found I had stepped on half of a mouse. Laz had started on a mouse for lunch on the carpet, and decided, as it was 4:30, to stop for a snack. Stupid Cat.

    Is the news good, QM? As the Turkey trots to water, the world wonders!

    1. Dear Scott,
      Lazarus was just being nice, and bringing you a fresh, juicy mouse in exchange for the gourmet cat food. It’s really quite simple… 🙂

  5. My two cats have a self feeder and have since we got them. There is no 5:30 wake up in my house. The younger of them hears me stir when I get out of bed and will come to collect some pettings, but the older girl sleeps till 10am or so (according to my wife). I don’t know that they realize sleep is sacred, but it just works out that way.

    And for the record, anyone who doesn’t think a dog will never wake you in the middle of the night over nothing at all never had to get one de-barked.

    1. Ain’t that god’s own truth, Mike. My cats generally leave me alone at night, but my dogs … the little girl (Star) sleeps like a corpse, but MacGyver wakes up at 0545 every day. EVERY DAY. The alarm goes off at 0615. Little bastard …

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