8 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Morgan Fairchild”

  1. Why is it that I am suddenly looking very much forward to Hallowe’en? She’s better looking now than thirty years ago!!!!

  2. I met her briefly on the set of Based on an Untrue Story (my wife did a couple years hard labor in Hollywood). She was incredibly nice and just as attractive in person as she was on camera. The only downside was that they had painted a small nosebleed on her upper lip, which I couldn’t stop staring at.

  3. She was hawt back in the 80s. Didn’t care for Falcon Crest, but she was nice. One of my classmates in Engineering School came across some nekkid pics of her too. Thems was nice too. She’s still nice looking.

  4. Nina Hartley was a porn star from the 1980’s, who, surprisingly, is still very much in business. Bob Hartley was Bob Newhart’s character on the Bob Newhart Show.

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