Muslim Brotherhood candidate wins Egyptian presidential election

Egyptians had two bad options and they took one. Of course there’s no Parliament or constitution so the military is still running the show to a very significant degree. Still, it shows the direction the people of Egypt want to go in and this is the beginning not the end of the Muslim Brotherhood’s push for control.

via Ace of Spades HQ.

Drew is correct. The MoBros won’t see this as a mandate to govern, but rather a mandate to continue the revolution from the Mubarak era toward an Islamic Sharia based government. How successful they’ll be in the short term leveraging power away from the military is an open question. But time is on their side. If the population keeps seeing the military retain control and little improvement in their lot, they’ll rise again and institute a far more sweeping revolutionary movement. Ironically, that’s probably the worst thing they could do for themselves. But that seems to be the historical trend for revolutions.