Cue the tinfoil hat brigade

Martial Law!!!!!

Gateway Pundit has a news blurb for you.

Uh, no. While the Army Reserve hasn’t said what’s going on, my guess would be probably urban convoy training. But who knows. Maybe they’re shipping vehicles to a railhead. One thing I can assure you is that the Army Reserves aren’t getting ready to take over the city.

4 thoughts on “Cue the tinfoil hat brigade”

  1. I seem to recall the Army has done something similar before. Sending troops to “patrol” a portion of an American city so they get a feel for what patrolling a major urban area is like. Or am I just hallucinating?

    1. I don’t recall the Army doing that, but I seem to recall the Marines planning something similar in the LA area, but cancelling due to community complaints.

  2. Brad, I’ll bet you’ve been paid off by the NWO types to redirect our attention from these things.

    On a serious note. My planned trip to San Dog next month has gone by the boards. I’ve lost function and strength in my right leg and have had an MRI with follow up scheduled with a Neurosurgeon Monday afternoon. My wings have definitely been clipped this summer.

  3. When the German Air Force expanded their training in Holloman Air Force Base (back in ’97), that really brought the tin foil hats out. Never mind that the Luftwaffe brought in a ton of money and jobs (and good beer!).

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