Ace of Spades HQ-DrewM on the Syrian Civil War

In other words the Syrian civil war isn’t an opportunity for America to exercise “leadership”, it’s…payback time.

It’s a controversial notion because as Americans we like to see ourselves as the noble do-gooders making the world safe for democracy and not just ruthless power players who put our interest over our more nobler values.

I think democracy, freedom and improving the lives of others should be a pleasant byproduct of American policy but the main goal should always be our interests. We’ve tried plenty of “do good” missions like Bosnia, Libya and even Afghanistan. How much good will has that bought us in the Muslim world?

The world is a nasty and brutish place and sometimes social work by military force isn’t going to get what we need done. If we can’t kill them with kindness, perhaps it’s time to try just killing them.

via Ace of Spades HQ.

I’ve pretty much avoided writing on this topic. Mostly because I don’t see any upside to US involvement on either (any?) side.  I tend to agree with this take on it, except I’m still very leery of any overt US action.

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  1. I do not believe the US will become involved on any level with the problem with Syria. This is good for our economy or the logistical situation for our Military at this time. I do believe this will be a neighborhood type issue. I believe local people in the region will actually solve this issue. In fact, the only people who should get involved, should have a vested interest in this situation. Who will benefit with a solution? Ironically, I don’t think the Iranians are involved in this way. As I look at it, there is one nation who would benefit them. This nation would be Turkey. They have a refugee problem at their border. I believe the Turks want to have a greater presence in the region and this will be for both Syria and Iran. I don’t believe Israel wants to get involved with either serious situation with either Iran or Syria. I believe the situation between the Palestinians and the Israelis will calm down. At one point, I thought that the Saudis might get into this battle. But right now, with the deaths in the Saudi royal family, I tend to believe that the Turks will solve the problem, it is in their own best interests. The problem with Lebanon was its attachment to Syria, I believe this will eventually break an alliance will be formed between Lebanon and Turkey.

  2. If, and this is a big if, we can find a Syrian resistance group that is secular and roughly as moderate as present-day Jordan we should back that group. Maybe not openly, but covertly supply them with the equipment and information they need to become the most successful group. Maybe they’ll form the nucleus of a government that will split with Iran and Hezbollah.

    If we can’t find such a group I think we should just stay out. I admit it’s tempting to play Richelieu in the Middle East, but we already have an image problem in the region and nobody likes being manipulated. Whoever eventually gains power is going to remember if we ever helped their enemies.

  3. Nothing like the minor caveat, “*IF*”, is there, Jeff? Do you see an actual conclusion within the next 10,000 years, if we were to hypothetically actually to “Get involved”? As I said before, I do not believe, we should get involved. Who are the aggressors and who are the victims? Jeff, Good Luck.

    1. 10,000 years? Exactly which “hat” did you pull that number out of? Look, 1,000 years ago my European ancestors were merrily slaughtering each other in a manner that would make a modern Arab blush. Cultures evolve, and they evolve in a Lamarkian fashion. That means they can acquire traits. They also respond to selection pressures. We have an opportunity to shape the future Muslim culture. If we see traits that are beneficial to us, such as respect for women or liberal democracy, then we should do our best to encourage them. Likewise, if we see traits that are harmful, such as religious zealotry or a penchant for nuclear weapons, we should weed them out. The process will occur, either naturally or artificially. The only thing your “stay out of it” philosophy ensures is that we will have no say in what the future looks like.

      Who are the victims? The Syrian people. Who are the aggressors? The Assad regime. Not a terribly difficult question.

  4. Lefties who said we shouldn’t be in Afghanistan or Iraq want us to go to Syria. The Press wants a war just like they did in Bosnia, Iraq and Somalia. They should go and fight.

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