Nuthin’, Honey

I got nuthin’ today. Not seeing a lot of content to steal link, and the house needs a field day.  URR keeps promising he’ll have something for me, but it always seems to end up at the USNI blog instead.

With a little bit of luck, I may feel inspired to write some more on the Brown Water Navy. I started part 2, but it was crap, so we’ll have to revisit that. Craig actually had some thoughts on that, and posted on the relevance of littoral ops in the American Civil War with regard to the current Chinese Anti-Access/Area Denial strategy. The lesson? Well, you’ll have to read his posts at his blog. 

Oh, and since we mentioned retro stuff the other day, and the USNI today, let’s bring back a Cold War favorite. If this keeps up, I’ll have to write  a learned exposition on the Outer Air Battle and CVBG defense.

Sox says hello.


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